What is the difference of onions and seasonal onions(new onions).

2020 04 14
What is the difference of onions and seasonal onions(new onions).


This time, I talk about the difference of onions and seasonal onions (new onions).

Basically, the best season of onion is Summer to Autumn, however the best season of new onion is now in Spring.


AT this time, if we go to a pub, we can find delicious dishes such as onion steaks and onion tempura.


How is it difference from onions in the first place?

Some people may not know if it is fleshly harvested or if the variety is different.


  • The difference between new onions and onions.

New onions are onions actually differ only in the shipping method, not the variety, but the early onion that is shipped around March or April, it called a new onion.


There are different types of onions, such as yellow onions, white onions, purple onions, etc.

Onions are mainly used to improve the shelf life of yellow onions, it will be dried for about one month after harvest and shipped.


On the other hand, new onions are yellow onions or white onions that are shipped immediately after harvest.


However, yellow onions are often dried and shipped, so most of them shipped as new onions are ‘white onions.


New onions are not dried, so they have a fresh ad soft texture.

Also, since the onion is less pungent, it is sweet even when eaten raw.

Suitable for salads and sandwiches.

However, it doesn’t last long because it has a lot of water.

Therefore, it is necessary to eat early.


  • New onion nutrients

Onions contain an ingredient called allyl sulfide.


Allyl sulfide helps the digestive juices secrete and increase appetite, necessary for metabolism and calming of nerves, it is said to promote the absorption and activation of vitamin B1.


In addition, it has been reported that it has the effect of making the blood smooth and preventing arteriosclerosis.


However, since it is easily soluble in water and weak to heat, new onions can get nutrients more efficiently.



How did you like it?

Please try eating new onions!!