We believe that a company can survive and develop only because it has a connection not only with its employees and customers, but also with their families, business partners, local residents and everyone involved.
We believe that our greatest mission is to pursue the happiness of the seller, the buyer, and all the people involved with the company, not just the connection with the world.

At present, Japan’s population is aging fast, and those who are retired farming are increasing.

Therefore, there are many agricultural machineries that have lost their place in farmers who do not have a successor.

We carefully estimate and inspect such products and purchase them at the price customer desire.

We have 20 stores nationwide to purchase and sell agricultural machinery.

We have always exhibited over 4,000 items on Japan’s largest auction site “Yahoo! Auction” and won the annual best store award for 4 years in a row.
We handle various products and offer high quality second-hand farm equipment at affordable price to new farmers.

Mainly do overseas export of agricultural machinery.
Mainly purchase agricultural machinery from client in Japan.
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We will search for agricultural machinery that meets your needs from all over the country.



What can be provided from NEXAS

Farm machinery
(Tractor,Combine,Cultivator )

Since we bring Japanese farm machinery to Philippines, free-rent to Sunchamp Agri-Tourism Park.

(Maintenance technology of farm machine)

We will dispatch a professional engineer from our | company to introduce basic maintenance methods. It | will help to prevent breakdown.

Farming Technology
(Japanese Quality)

It becomes possible to do high-quality farming to introduce the farming technics from a person who has given up farming.


What we would like you to cooperate with

Preparation of land

We would like to ask your support, since it is hard for foreigners to prepare the land for test marketing of farming.

Secure human resources
(Filipinos who learned skills)

We would like you to secure human resources of Filipinos who can learn the Japanese farming technology and the maintenance methods of farm equipment.

Legal formalities

We would like to ask your support for legal part in Philippines regarding the import of seeds, export of farm equipment and so on.

All completed in their own country

It is said that the person who has a knowledge of farming technology and the maintenance methods of machinery is invaluable in Japan. To develop and expand the farm equipment in the future, we will introduce the maintenance methods of farm equipment
that you concerned last time, to make the model case for ‘all completed in their own country’.

Make a friendly relationship between Japan and Philippines. And create a system that allows people to come and go.

Rental farm equipment to Sunchamp Agri-Tourism Park.

We will dispatch Japanese farm machinery,
the maintenance methods, the farming technology from Japan.